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A condensing unit is one part of an HVAC system and provides the cooling to the home. If it is a heat pump, it also provides the heating. It is usually located on the ground outside and is connected with the air handler or gas furnace.

Gas Furnace

A gas furnace is one part of an HVAC system that provides heating. It also houses the blower motor which delivers the air to the home in both heating and cooling modes.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is a type of refrigeration system that can provide either heating or cooling. This type of system can be either a package unit or split-system. It has a reversing valve to change it from cooling to heating.

Package Unit

A package unit is an all-in-one heating and cooling system typically located on the roof. This can be a heat pump or a gas-pack (provides heat via a gas furnace inside the unit).

Air Handler

An air handler is one part of an HVAC system. It contains the indoor coil and blower motor. This works with the condensing unit to provide cooling and/or heating. It is usually located in the attic or in a closet.

Split System

A split system is a combination of an indoor air handling unit and an outdoor condensing unit. The indoor air handling unit can be a gas furnace with a coil or heat pump air handler. The outdoor condensing unit consists of a compressor and a condenser coil.

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